What We Do

60ZONE Pty Ltd is a provider of cross-cultural communication, soft diplomacy and international business protocol expertise.  The company’s mission is to facilitate the development of essential global skills to broaden awareness and capacity to communicate and integrate successfully across diverse dynamics and business contexts.

How We Do It

We offer two approaches - one to assist corporate clients; specifically within their People & Culture initiatives; and another which is dedicated to SME Exporters.

Through 60ZONE, we provides an accessible platform for an increasingly diverse local workforce to develop culturally competent communication skills. With the use of online tools and experienced facilitators, 60ZONE has helped professionals from diverse industries and disciplines increase their cultural literacy, interpersonal and communication capability.  

In 2016, 60ZONE launched 60ZONE Business Cultures International; a dedicated service for SME Exporters already engaging in or seeking to engage in foreign markets.  Business Cultures International delivers business culture breifings and an advisory service on contemporary business protocols relevant to an exporter's target market. Through indepth knowledge and expertise, Business Cultures International helps businesses thoroughly prepare their teams to interact effectively and with confidence in diverse business cultures.  

Why We Do It

60ZONE was established in 2014. Its programs and policies embrace the values of respect for cultural diversity, integrity and authentic collaboration to facilitate personal, professional and business development.

In essence, we support the notion of cultural competence as a universal norm; one that paves the way for better understanding between individuals and broadens opportunities.

Getting in Touch 

Corporate Enquiries

Tel: +61 2 9199 4529  |  info@60zone.com  

Exporter Enquiries

Tel:  +61 2 9199 4529 |  info@business-cultures.com

Visit Business Cultures International Website - http://www.business-cultures.com